The Better Part: Poet Laureates read on Public Access TV

Cupertino Poet Laureate Dave Denny, former Los Gatos Poet Laureate Parthenia Hicks, and I were recently hosted on The Better Part, a Cupertino Senior TV Production. It will be Cablecast during the week of January 20, but here it is now as posted on YouTube.

Many thanks to Cupertino Senior TV Productions, and especially to our congenial host, Phil Lenihan, whose interest in poetry made the program possible. Phil added in a recent note that the New Yorker now has the poets reading their poems in the online edition. Good work, Phil!

I hope you enjoy. I’m not sure what my necklace was thinking, something creative apparently, but there you have it.

Cheers in the New Year!

Sally Ashton
Santa Clara County Poet Laureate



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3 responses to “The Better Part: Poet Laureates read on Public Access TV

  1. It was a joy to read with you, Sally and Dave. Many thanks to Phil for hosting us and for being inspired to hear poetry read aloud. Sally, your necklace only added to your mystique as a poet.

  2. Three most entertaining poets —a great gathering.

  3. Renée Schell

    So nice! Great to hear all three of you reading your favorite poems and your own. What a nice way to start my Friday evening–thank you and congrats!

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