Patricia Machmiller: A favorite poem

Oh, Autumn Wind
by Shiki
translation by Emiko Miyashita and Lee Gurga

The poignancy of this poem and its simple plea speaks eloquently of what is important in life–that is, living simply and savoring each moment, each day to the fullest. The autumn wind, that harbinger of winter, of death and dying, is being asked to take everything, everything, but that bare minimum needed for life. It is not necessary to know that Shiki died as a young man (32, I think) with tuberculosis, which he suffered from for a decade, to appreciate this poem, but knowing it adds to its depth.

Patricia Machmiller
70, Retired manager
San Jose

Autumn Wind

oh, autumn wind–

blow everything away

but my life



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One response to “Patricia Machmiller: A favorite poem

  1. Parthenia M. HIcks, Poet Laureate Los Gatos

    What a lovely way to begin the morning…with this gentle meditation. It brings up a deep longing for something simpler and without the tasks that plague us. Thanks, Patricia and Sally. (And Shiki).

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