May it is~

What a busy National Poetry Month for me, and I hope an enjoyable one for you. There were poetry events galore, weren’t there, and a chance to read and admire the full collection of Poetry on the Move Entries as I posted them here. Again, what a privilege it’s been to read them all. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I started May off with a busy day of teaching yesterday, and then a visit today with the Los Gatos Lion’s Club. Speaking to various groups in the county, including community service organizations such as the Lion’s Club and the Key Club, has been another unexpected pleasure of being Poet Laureate. I appreciate their member’s interest and attention to what I have to say about poetry, and I so admire the tireless work such groups perform. In honor of Mother’s Day, May 13, and as a way to illustrate the Favorite Poems Project, I read them Clark Kepler’s submission, The Lanyard, by Billy Collins. You might want to read it to your mom!

Speaking of Favorite Poems, I will resume posting your submissions here. I’ll bet you can’t wait to see who turns up at the ending of the alphabet, both poet and neighbor. It’s a fun job and I’m glad to do it.


Sally Ashton
Santa Clara County Poet Laureate


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