October Highlights & November Announcements 

October 21-22:  The Third Annual San Jose Poetry Festival was a full weekend of poetry performances, readings, a small press fair, workshops, poets and poetry lovers! 

Tremendous thanks to Poetry Center San Jose: Robert Pesich at the helm and all the amazing members, staff and volunteers for offering this annual gathering to the community. 

Here are some photo highlights (my own), official photos/video forthcoming from Poetry Center San Jose.

Robert Pesich welcoming everyone to the Mainstage.

Arlene Biala keynote with special guest artists Lorenz Dumuk (top photo), Khalilah Ramirez (bottom), and Bill Cozzini (not pictured).

Readings with Persis Karim (top), Anshu S. Johri (left), and Gabrielle LaFrank (right).

Tshaka Campbell (top), Kim Johnson (left), and Yesika Salgado (right).

Clockwise from top left: Deborah Miranda, Pallavi Sharma, San Mateo County Poet Laureate Lisa Rosenberg, Caesar Kent, Venus Jones


L-R: Lorenz Dumuk, Jarvis Subia, Barbara Jane Reyes

L-R: Jarvis Subia, Tshaka Campbell, Kim Johnson, Lorenz Dumuk

Suzy Huerta, Lorenz Dumuk, Janice Sapigao


October 15:  All Womxn’s Showcase at The Forager featured over 100 performers, artists and vendors with a non-stop packed house for the entire 8-hour event. Huge props to Quynh-Mai Nguyen and Lorde & Grayson Productions for making it happen!


Thursday, November 9, 7pm

Join us to celebrate the winners of the poetry contest sponsored by Cupertino Poet Laureate Ann Muto. Thank you, Ann, for inviting me to be a judge for the Adult competition!


Tonight! Thursday, November 2, 7pm

Details on the Facebook group page.


Details on the Facebook event page.


Details on the Facebook event page.


Details on the Facebook event page.


Other November events are listed on Poetry Center San Jose’s website, please see below and visit the website for updates:



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