July Highlights & August Announcements 

LitLumpiaFest2 was medicine. Salamat shout outs to everyone who came to share poetry, stories, food, music, art and energia!

Special thanks to:

School of Arts & Culture @MHP esp. Nelly Torres Jauregui 

Bloco Do Sol San Jose, Jimmy Biala &Yuko Tamura, full squad of drummers and dancers

Robert R. Ragazza, sangria master & most giving person and friend

Clarisse Antolin Pasag for veggie lumpia maker magic, Aunty Mer and Mama Glo

Lorenz Mazon Dumuk for sharing his beautiful jewelry and #HELLApoeta tees

And the stellar line up:

America Cihuapilli Irineo

Kiana Del Rosario

Olga Loya

Ann Sherman

Joe Navarro

Venus Jones

Scorpiana Xlynn

Bill Cozzini

Poetess Kalamu Chaché

Lehua Taitano

Joe Miller

Quynh-Mai Nguyen

Asha Sudra

Jarvis Deangelo Subia

Donna Steelman

Tshaka Menelik Imhotep Campbell

Lorenz Dumuk

Michael Matthew McGee

Pc Muñoz, Demone Carter and Ellis

Great photos taken by my cousin Phillip Pasag, Pasag Photography can be viewed here. (Password is Poets). Please credit Pasag Photography if you choose to share!
Here are some of my faves:


Details on Facebook event page.


Thursday, August 3, 7pm

Details for Live Lit are here.


Details on Facebook event page.


Details on Facebook event page.


Deadline is August 15th

Details here.


Coming Soon (August 4): Announcement for the next Santa Clara County Poet Laureate! 

Hard to believe it’s been almost two years! Stay tuned for a publication and “recruiting” event hosted by me and Sally Ashton, Nils Peterson and David Perez (AKA the SCCPL squad-to-date).



Friday, September 22, 6pm

REED Magazine Launch Party & 150th Anniversary Celebration

Check here for details.
AND. . .

October 21 & 22, 9am – 5pm both days



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