Poet Laureate #3: Deadline approaching!

Anyone considering applying to be the next Santa Clara County Poet Laureate, get to it! The deadline, September 30th, approacheth. Find full details in the August 2 post, below, including how to contact me or the first Poet Laureate, Nils Peterson, for general questions.

If you have specific questions regarding the application process, please contact the folks at Arts Council Silicon Valley, now known as Silicon Valley Creates! I’ve been assured that someone named Audrey will reply to your queries as soon as possible. Use this email. grant.apps@svcreates.org

Nils and I are looking forward to the next laureate appointment to carry on the torch for poetry in Silicon Valley. We’re rooting for you.

AND, if Poet Laureate is a bit rich for your tastes, here’s another opportunity. Silicon Valley Creates is accepting applications for a variety of Artist Laureates including Emerging Artist. (scroll down). Scrolling down further you will see that they are holding a series of workshops for those interested in applying. Get busy! What are you waiting for?

Let’s keep literature and the arts thriving in Silicon Valley together. What a cool place to live. Thanks for being out there.

Sally Ashton
Santa Clara County Poet Laureate


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