4 out of 5 isn’t bad: Missing Nils Peterson!

The photographer got around to taking a picture after Sunday’s 5 poets laureate reading(see post below) a few minutes late and a Poet Laureate short, but here are the rest of us, and a solo of that good looking Nils Peterson, below.

Parthenia Hicks, current Los Gatos Laureate; Connie Post, former Livermore Laureate; Dave Denny, current Cupertino Laureate; Yrz Truly, current Santa Clara County Poet Laureate.

And, Nils Peterson, former Santa Clara County Poet Laureate indeed:

And our eloquent hostess with the Mostest, Erica Goss~

Wish you were there!

Sally Ashton
Santa Clara County Poet Laureate

(note: photos courtesy Vicki Harvey & Lesa Medley)



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4 responses to “4 out of 5 isn’t bad: Missing Nils Peterson!

  1. Renée Schell

    Great photos of everyone! I love the autumn jewel tones you’re all wearing–very festive. Wish I could have been there to hear the poems. Had to make sure the scary times at Markham House did not get out of hand…

  2. Vicki L. Harvey

    I wanted to say that the photo of Nils was taken by Lesa Medley. It was a very enjoyable event and I look forward to future events.

  3. Roohi Vora

    Had a great time, Sally. Hope to attend more of these events; I’ll post some pics on FB:-). The poetry was moving. – Roohi

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