In Memory: The Names by Billy Collins


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3 responses to “In Memory: The Names by Billy Collins

  1. Joanne Gallagher

    Rest in peace…

  2. Dennis Richardson

    Would that we could have Peace and Democracy in the name of all those names and the names of all the fallen.

  3. Somehow, I had missed seeing this video. Neither, I’m embarrassed to say, had I heard or read this poem by Billy Collins. But I know today, I will be thinking of this, and hearing this in my head over and over. And when I go for my walk, I’ll see the birds, and the trees, and stones on the road, the leaves and the grass, and be hearing Billy’s voice, and remembering those souls, even though sadly, I might not remember the names or the faces. I will remember them for the rest of my life. Thank you, Sally, for posting this.

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