July Hiatus: My Daughter’s Wedding

August 5, 2012

While I have been absent here, I have been a very busy Mother of the Bride this past month in preparation of our daughter Susannah’s wedding last Sunday in our backyard. What a beautiful, memorable day~a living poem!

After all the guests have departed-to Ireland, New York, Texas- I am settling back into a few slow days to reflect and get back up to speed. Enjoy the weekend, the lovely summer days, and we’ll get back down to poetry business before long. Promise.

Sally Ashton
Poet Laureate



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12 responses to “July Hiatus: My Daughter’s Wedding

  1. Timothy Tomasi

    Hi Sally,

    Congratulations to your daughter’s wedding and best wishes to the couple. The picture, to me, shows to happy and lovely ladies.

    Take your rest as I am sure it is well-deserved.


  2. Roohi Vora

    Congratulations, Sally. Lots of wonderful moments to cherish, I am sure. See you soon. Love, Roohi

  3. Joanne Gallagher

    How lovely!!! Best wishes to the happy couple…

  4. Beautiful smiles, congratulations to all. I appreciate your sharing the news, makes the blog and your role as laureate real, as they say. Love nancy

  5. david eisbach

    Such a wonderful photo of you and your daughter on such a wonderful occasion. Enjoy the respite.

  6. Susan Paluzzi

    I am so happy for all of you. Do take a well deserved rest. You both look radiant in the photo.

  7. Your daughter makes a beautiful bride, and her mother is right there with her. Congratulations to you both. Nice to take a little time out after the wedding; I’m sure you were a bit busy beforehand.

  8. Alisa Cromer

    Hi Sally, beautiful!

    I love the subject line as the title of a poem , and of course there would be no wedding (oranges) in it.

    Am going to live at u of mo on A biz related fellowship on tuesday… Font forget me

    Write often

    (not neccessarily to me)

    Much luv Alisa

    Sent from my iPhone

  9. Aw, thanks for everyone’s enthusiasm. I’m still aglow!

  10. Ann Muto

    Congratulations to the happy couple and parents all.  Your gorgeous back yard must have been the most perfect setting. 

    Love, Ann


  11. Pushpa MacFarlane

    What a lovely daughter you have Sally, and congratulations Mom!! I can’t believe I haven’t visited this site in some time…but have enjoyed your posts…Looking forward to your reading this evening at Willow Glen.

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