Mimi Ahern: A favorite poem

by W. S. Merwin

I fell in love with poetry when I read “Separation” at the age of 46. I hadn’t known a poem could be so short yet nail an emotion so soundly.  Since that time, this poem with its simple words describing the humble act of sewing has followed me through 20 years and all the times that I have experienced loss: especially now with the sudden death of my husband, Bob.

Mimi Ahern, 66
Semi-Retired Teacher of Teachers
San Jose


Your absence has gone through me

Like thread through a needle.

Everything I do is stitched with its color.

W. S.  Merwin



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3 responses to “Mimi Ahern: A favorite poem

  1. Kelly Cressio-Moeller


  2. Mimi, this heartfelt poem is so you…For a minute I thought you had written it, and was surprised to see Merwin’s name… I can see where your inspiration comes from…

  3. Vicki L. Harvey

    After reading this simple but powerful poem I realize the feelings have been mine and it took my breath away knowing I am not alone.

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