Angela Langone: A favorite poem

Poem #35
by Emily Dickinson

This poem is my favorite poem since it explains such a small aspect of nature and how people can sometimes take these things for granted. The rose symbolizes a small, perfect, beautiful, natural thing which other naturalistic community members such as birds, the breeze, bees, and butterflies will miss. I think that this poem can be interpreted in a more recent fashion as well, in regards to human civilizations and how we are interfering with nature’s communities. A small rose dying is nothing compared to a human dying in our perspective, but we do need to be aware of our impact on nature.

Angela Langone
22 years old; Student SJSU
Morgan Hill

Poem #35

Nobody knows this little Rose —
It might a pilgrim be
Did I not take it from the ways
And lift it up to thee.
Only a Bee will miss it —
Only a Butterfly,
Hastening from far journey —
On its breast to lie —
Only a Bird will wonder —
Only a Breeze will sigh —
Ah Little Rose — how easy
For such as thee to die!

Emily Dickinson


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