Joshua Russell: A favorite poem

My Hobby
Shel Silverstein

Life is all about enjoying the little things. This poem to me is all about finding joy and creating your own. It also speaks to the child in me, which I tap into as frequently as I possibly can.

Joshua Russell
Director of Communications & Emerging Initiatives
1stACT Silicon Valley

My Hobby

When you spit from the twenty-sixth floor
And if floats on the breeze to the ground
Does it fall upon hats
Or on white persian cats
Or on heads, with a pitty-pat sound?

Oh, I used to think life was a bore
But I don’t feel that way any more
As count up the hits,
As I smile as I sit,
As I spit from the twenty-sixth floor.

Shel Silverstein
Where the Sidewalk Ends


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One response to “Joshua Russell: A favorite poem

  1. Chris Moylan

    It’s a limerick! (or, rather, two limericks)

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